Patient Assessment


I pride myself on my ability to put the patient at ease and explain the process through which they will be taken in an empathetic manner. Patients are referred to me because they are suffering for one reason or another and are involved in a claim for damages.

In order to ensure that an accurate diagnosis is arrived at I believe in providing a calm, relaxing and comfortable environment. This allows me to undertake a comprehensive assessment of neuropsychological functioning. The examination and assessment process involves putting the patient through a series of demanding standardised tests. These can only be administered reliably in conditions which are conducive to extended periods of intense concentration. I ensure that I work at a pace which is comfortable for each patient. I will allow breaks where I believe

that they are appropriate and will state very clearly in my report if these have been offered and taken. In all cases I also endeavour to interview a key family member. I ensure that I am fully briefed in the salient points of the case prior to meeting the patient. This allows me to ensure that the key issues are addressed. In all cases where I believe that specialist treatment is required I shall state this very clearly in my report. I shall also endeavour to provide a prognosis.