Referring a client

If you would like to refer a client to Koseen Ford & Associates then please find our process outlined below.

  1. Please make initial contact with Dr Ford's personal assistant Claire Granger either by calling our main telephone number or via email. Full contact details and information regarding our office hours may be found here on our contact page.
  2. Following an initial discussion a decision will made as to whether a Neuropsychology or Psychological assessment is required.
  3. Information will then be provided (and agreed where applicable) on:
    • Which clinic will be used for the assessement or whether a home visit is required.
    • The waiting time for the assessment
    • The terms and conditions.
    • The associated costs

If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Koseen Ford and Associates is regulated by the Information Commission Officer (ICO). A copy of our certificate may be downloaded below.